Thammasat research teams sweep awards from ITEX 2023.

Thammasat researchers and inventors won 27 awards from Asia's largest competition stage, The 34th International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition.

Thammasat researchers invented innovations-inventions for society, winning 25 world-class awards.

Team of researchers and inventors from Thammasat University won 25 prizes from the 48th Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions.

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Thammasat students won the International Investment Securities Researcher's Championship.

BBA Thammasat show their skills in business analysis and business valuation, winning the 2022-2023 CFA Institute Research Challenge in Thailand.

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Cross-disciplinary research, a new ground in the world of research.

Prof. Dr. Sakun Boon-it, National Outstanding Researcher of the Year 2023 in Economics suggested that research should be interdisciplinary.


I love Thammasat  because 
Thammasat teaches me
to love the people

World Class University for the People


Admission of Undergraduate Students in Regular and Special Programs

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Imagining ‘Transformative Futures’ for our World, Climate and Sustainable Development

Thammasat joined Transformative Futures: Clim/Sust SE Asia 2023.

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Thammasat predicts the future, ‘Health-Wellness’ is Thailand’s treasure
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Thammasat students won the IHL Moot Court Competition.

Thammasat law team won the IHL Moot Court Competition Thailand National Round.

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Thammasat students received award from the 5th APAC HPC-AI Competition.

SCITU students, Lampang Campus, representing Thailand won the award for two consecutive years from participating in the 5th APAC HPC-AI Competition.

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Future Workforce

An academic institute that foster future workforce for the country, serve as a platform to develop future skills for graduates, and workers in each occupation.

Future Workplace

A workplace of the future with state-of-the-art physical and online infrastructure to create integrated employability skills that is able to sustain with the changes in the global society.

Future Life and Society

A space for future living over working, researching, and studying and teaching, but rather a space that is able to fulfill the physical and mental energy on creating new inventions.

Future Collaboration

A model of future cooperation that mobilises resources from both internal and international agencies to the process of teaching, research and development for the Thai and the world society.