Thammasat in collaboration with 'Business Partners' to launch '88 SANDBOX', the largest Startup Ecosystem in Thailand

88 SANDBOX: The Next Unicorn Platform, a center for entrepreneurial skills learning of the future with a network of 88 Sandbox Partners as sponsors.

'Vacuum Packed Crispy Fermented Fish' won the first prize in food innovation contest 2021, responding to the New Normal lifestyle

Ra-Zabb, Vacuum Packed Crispy Fermented Fish won the first prize from the Food Innopolis Contest 2021 in the Heavy Weights category.

Thammasat, the world-class 'Sustainable University', EFMD commends as one of the 3 learning models

“Thammasat & EFMD Seminars on Partnerships for SDGs” to showcase exemplary practices in building partnerships that foster the development of collaborative learning.

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‘Thammasat Student’ competed in computing on high-performance computers, winning a joint bronze medal with ‘Singapore-Taiwan’

Thammasat Student has built a reputation in the Asia-Pacific Level, winning a joint bronze medal with Singapore-Taiwan

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I love Thammasat  because 
Thammasat teaches me
to love the people

World Class University for the People


Admission of Undergraduate Students in Regular and Special Programs

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'Hody Cheese', plant-based cheddar cheese from hemp seeds, the food innovation of the future

'Hody Cheese', plant-based cheddar cheese from hemp seeds, the work of the 3HC team that won the 2nd runner-up award from the Food Innopolis Contest 2021.

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TU opens “Joint Replacement Center” in early 2022
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Thammasat Hackathon X Pathumthani Case Competition provides students the opportunitiy to develop innovative leadership skills

Thammasat University in collaboration with Pathum Thani Province organized a hackathon competition.

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Pushing Thammasat University, Pattaya Campus to be “the Pillar of the Modern Medicine of ASEAN”

Rector of Thammasat University discusses with the President of EECHDC pushing Thammasat University, Pattaya Campus to be “the Pillar of the Modern Medicine of ASEAN”

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Future Workforce

An academic institute that foster future workforce for the country, serve as a platform to develop future skills for graduates, and workers in each occupation.

Future Workplace

A workplace of the future with state-of-the-art physical and online infrastructure to create integrated employability skills that is able to sustain with the changes in the global society.

Future Life and Society

A space for future living over working, researching, and studying and teaching, but rather a space that is able to fulfill the physical and mental energy on creating new inventions.

Future Collaboration

A model of future cooperation that mobilises resources from both internal and international agencies to the process of teaching, research and development for the Thai and the world society.