Thammasat established “Food Innopolis Thammasat University (FITU)”

Thammasat University established “Food Innopolis Thammasat University" as a conformance to the government's "Food innopolis" policy.

Thammasat University joins the launch of "IJC-FOODSEC"

Thammasat University joins hands with NSTDA and QUB to open the "IJC-FOODSEC", aiming to produce world-class research to promote food safety and security.

‘HomeKidney’, a self-test kit to detect kidney disease

Students of Thammasat University received a royal trophy from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn in the KMUTNB Innovation Awards 2022.

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"Spaceship-Satellite Coordinate System" development, from SIIT Students

Students from SIIT show their potentials through creating ideas for "Spaceship-Satellite Coordinate System" development, winning the international stage award.

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I love Thammasat  because 
Thammasat teaches me
to love the people

World Class University for the People


Admission of Undergraduate Students in Regular and Special Programs

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'Hody Cheese', plant-based cheddar cheese from hemp seeds, the food innovation of the future

'Hody Cheese', plant-based cheddar cheese from hemp seeds, the work of the 3HC team that won the 2nd runner-up award from the Food Innopolis Contest 2021.

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Thammasat supports students with disabilities with opportunities to enter labour market
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Thammasat students won the first prize of a board game "EV City- Electric Vehicle Mahanakorn"

Thammasat students won the first prize for the design of a board game that drives the future of electric vehicles in Thailand.

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"Cannabis-Hemp Business Program", upgrading the new Thai economic crops to the world market

Thammasat joins hands with the private sector to launch the TU Cannabis & Hemp Business Program, aiming to generate income and to upgrade the new economic crops to the world market.

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Future Workforce

An academic institute that foster future workforce for the country, serve as a platform to develop future skills for graduates, and workers in each occupation.

Future Workplace

A workplace of the future with state-of-the-art physical and online infrastructure to create integrated employability skills that is able to sustain with the changes in the global society.

Future Life and Society

A space for future living over working, researching, and studying and teaching, but rather a space that is able to fulfill the physical and mental energy on creating new inventions.

Future Collaboration

A model of future cooperation that mobilises resources from both internal and international agencies to the process of teaching, research and development for the Thai and the world society.