SIIT students develop AI for 'ThaiKALA', a Thai language question answering tool.

Students from Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT) win the first prize, a gold medal, in the Super AI Engineer Season 3 competition.

Alternative Mechanism to Address PM 2.5 by Thammasat Scholar

Thammasat environmental expert recommends empowering the authority of the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) to support the mitigation of PM 2.5 in conjunction with the enactment of legislation.

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Engineering Students from Thammasat Win 2 'Huawei ICT' Awards to Represent Thailand in Asia-Pacific Competition.

Thammasat students from the Faculty of Engineering won 2 awards at the Huawei ICT Competitions 2023-2024 and will represent the country in the Asia-Pacific competition in Indonesia.

‘YES Wheelchair’ - Thammasat Students Win Motion Analysis Innovation for Wheelchair Athletes.

Congratulations to the Thammasat student team for winning the prestigious international award for their project, YES Wheelchair, an innovative motion detection system for wheelchair users.

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I love Thammasat  because 
Thammasat teaches me
to love the people

World Class University for the People


Admission of Undergraduate Students in Regular and Special Programs

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Thammasat collaborates with IBM Thailand to launch an online course ‘Data Science - AI’

Thammasat, in collaboration with IBM Thailand, is conducting the Thammasat - IBM SkillsBuild program, which aims to enhance students' technological skills through leading global IT companies.

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Thammasat co-organized an international academic conference, ‘Language Education and Thai Studies
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BE Thammasat, an idea to reduce car tires waste through a recycling process aiming towards sustainability in the next decade

Students of the Bachelor of Economics International Program (BE), Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University, win the Tri Petch Group Awakens Your Challenge 2023 award.

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Thammasat Design School, in collaboration with SCG, to drive Thai society towards Net Zero

Thammasat Design School organized an event on exchanging knowledge about sustainable environmental design titled "Climate Resilience - Addressing Climate Change".

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Future Workforce

An academic institute that foster future workforce for the country, serve as a platform to develop future skills for graduates, and workers in each occupation.

Future Workplace

A workplace of the future with state-of-the-art physical and online infrastructure to create integrated employability skills that is able to sustain with the changes in the global society.

Future Life and Society

A space for future living over working, researching, and studying and teaching, but rather a space that is able to fulfill the physical and mental energy on creating new inventions.

Future Collaboration

A model of future cooperation that mobilises resources from both internal and international agencies to the process of teaching, research and development for the Thai and the world society.