Message from the Rector

Message from the rector regarding the beginning of the first day of semester 1/2020

Monday 10 August 2020



          All Thammasat students, here we are at the start of the new semester. For freshy, welcome to our Thammasat family. For incumbent students, welcome back. 

          It must be exciting for first-year students to experience new environments, to make new friends, and to learn new things. Thammasat community as a whole is also excited to have you. We have adjusted many things for the “new normal”. Yet, I can assure you that Thammasat remains committed to delivering high academic standards and always open to everyone as it has always been.

          COVID-19 is such a great disruption that students may be concerned about how classes will be conducted. Don’t worry. Thammasat has been well prepared for this. We will have face-to-face, online, and other forms of classes, in a hybrid learning manner. Our learning approach is no longer limited to the traditional classroom. This will be a proof that we can overcome this challenge together.

          To parents of both new and incumbent students, please rest assured on the wellbeing and welfare of your children. Thammasat has been admired for coping with COVID-19 as the front-runner both for students’ health and other supports. In the meantime, we also contributed the society through the arrangement of Thammasat Field Hospital. Overall, all of these represent a solid evidence that Thammasat is the university for the people.

          Your time of 4-5 years at the university will fly very fast. I want you to be filled with experiences and utilize all learning platforms provided. For all Thammasat students, I wish you all the best in your academic and soul-searching journey.

Gasinee Witoonchart