Rector’s Message:

          During this tough time that we have to endure, it is crucial for us to cheer up and give each other hope and moral support. The most appropriate things to do now are social distancing as well as keeping yourself safe and healthy at your residence through practicing strict personal hygiene procedures.

          Never before, a new challenge in teaching and learning, is emerging by this unprecedented disruption. Students and lecturers of Thammasat University are urged to be strong more than ever to overcome this pandemic disease. 

          The high-quality education has always been our mission, even amid the situations that our health can be threatened.  Therefore, it is inevitable, as in most countries, that we have to give priority to the safety of our students and personnel.  However, we would like to reassure our students and their parents that our education will proceed smoothly even in these undesirable conditions. 

          For students planning to return home, I strongly recommend and urge all of you to comply with the measures issued by the Disease Control Division by isolating yourself for 14 days to observe if any symptom happens.

          We may have to limit our freedom and usual activities, but that is an act of social responsibility, which is a higher value.  We need to control and contain the spread not to exceed the capacity of Thai hospitals. Only this way, we can save lives of our loved ones and can recover the country from now on.

          I firmly believe that with the will and power of Thammasat students and staff, we will make a come-back very soon and will be stronger as a leading university for the society that we have been doing throughout the past 85 years.

Gasinee Witoonchart

Rector of Thammasat University

Monday 23 March 2020