Life at Thammasat

 “Thammasatville, Academic Village"

          On the Thammasat University land area which totals more than 1,757 rai with the utility space of 1,143,853 m2, Thammasat Rangsit Campus today has become a model on campus development for universities in Thailand with its “sustainable campus” or “green campus” policy. It is well-equipped and ready to welcome over 30,000 students a year, with its three large libraries housing over 200,000 items, over 700 accommodation units in the dormitories, over 1,000 fully equipped lecture rooms, main outdoor sports stadium of ASEAN Games standard, swimming pool, 3 gymnasiums with the capacity for over 9,000 people, the highest cliff model in Thailand, international convention center, cinema, shops in and around the University, shopping mall under the University’s supervision, canteens, large parks, Thammasat Chalermprakiet Hospital, large learning center, Students’ Activity Complex with over 150 clubs and societies, fast and convenient mass transportation system, and safe surrounding communities.

          All of these make Thammasat Rangsit Campus “Thammasatville”, a complete academic village ready to welcome new students. 

1. “SUSTAINABLE CAMPUS” or “Green Campus”

          Thammasat Rangsit Campus is committed to creating a pedestrian- and bike-friendly community by encouraging students to use bicycles as the main transport in the University and constructing bicycle lanes connecting our buildings/lecture halls throughout the University. Rangsit Campus also tackles waste disposal, which is a big task for a large community, by promoting waste separation with its model Reduce/Reuse/Recycle center and recycle waste bank in order to make Rangsit Campus a zero waste zone and promote effective reusing and recycling.

          Organic wastes, which consist of food and leaves, will be used as organic fertilizer on plants in the University. Part of the organic wastes are used as biomass fuel in our prototype electricity plant which can produce 1-kilowatt of electricity to be used in waste water treatment. The prototype electricity plant also serves as a learning center for the communities around Thammasat University.

2. Large library housing over 200,000 items

          First, Puey Ungphakorn Library has the utility space of 18,669 m2 and is opened Monday-Friday, 8.00-24.00 and Saturday-Sunday, 9.00-18.00 (During exam periods, it stays opened until midnight). The items for loan cover textbooks, theses, rare books, novels, journals, magazines and newspapers. There are also computer facilities with high-speed internet and free printers, together with wireless network in the library.

         There is also a multi-media suite offering films and TV programs. The library has dozens of small study rooms for meetings and tutorials. At present there are over 1,500 seats and 75 study carrels, a 120-seat activity room for films and music. Puey Ungphakown Exhibition Room is also opened to students.

         Second, Nongyao Chaiseri Library (Piyachart Building) is opened from 8.00 to 24.00 on Monday-Friday, 9.00-18.00 on Saturday, and closed on Sunday (During exam periods, it stays opened until midnight). It offers the same services as Puey Ungphakorn Library, with a specialization in books in sciences and health sciences.

         Third, Rangsit Library houses tens of thousands of rare and old books.

         All libraries offer inter-library loan service, connecting the 11 libraries: Pridi Banomyong Library, Sanya Dharmasakti Library (Faculty of Law), Professor Sangvian Indaravijaya Library (Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy), Puey Ungphakorn Reading Room (Faculty of Economics), Professor Direk Chayanam Library (Faculty of Political Science), Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication Library, Puey Ungphakorn Library, Rangsit Campus Library, Nongyao Chaiseri Library (Piyachart Building), Thammasat University Pattaya Campus Library, and Boonchoo Trithong (Lampang Campus)

3. Monuments of the tri-patriarchs of Thammasat University

          Newcomers can visit the monuments of the tri-patriarchs of Thammasat University at Rangsit Campus, starting from Prof. Dr. Puey Ungphakorn’s Monument in front of the SC Building, Prof. Dr. Pridi Banomyong’s Monument in front of Gymanasium 2, and Prof. Dr. Sanya Dharmasakti’s Monument in SC square in front of the Faculty of Law and Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy Buildings. The three patriarchs are great patrons of Thammasat, as founder and developers of the University to its glory today.

4. Over 700 accommodation units in our dormitories for over 10,000 students

          Many choices of accommodations are on offer: ASEAN Games Dormitories in Zones B, C and E offer 2- and 4-bedroom accommodation, 35 m2 and 70 m2 respectively. The in-room facilities include beds, bedside tables, writing desks, chairs, wardrobes, air-conditioner, water heater, smoke detector, ADSL phone line at a special price, 64-channel satellite signal and clothes airier, utility area, sofa and 4-seat dining table, refrigerator, television. Outside the rooms are microwave machines, hot and cold water dispensers, water purifiers, coin-operated laundry machines, free wifi, CCTV and lifts.

         TU-Dome Dormitory offer a 24-hour access with a key-card access control. It offers full facilities like Thammasat Dormitories. TU-Dome residents can conveniently commute to Thammasat University by free NGV shuttle buses from across the street. In the evening when there are fewer NGV shuttle services, students can take a songthaew, which costs only 4 baht.

         There are many other dormitories such as Khu Dome, Keang Dome and Thammasat University Hospital Dormitory. Thammasat University Rangsit Campus has “the most dormitory accommodation in the country—7,000 units” and offers one-stop service for room change/transfer and repair services. It is also reputable in the areas of security, hygiene, engineering system and landscape.  

         The neighbouring areas offer a great number of facilities such as Tewson Canteen, Inter Zone Building, convenient stores, bookstores, 7-Elevens (3 branches near the dormitory), computer repair shop, 6 laundry shops at a good price (Buildings A2, B3, B7, C1, C5 and C10). In all buildings there are also 3-4 coin-operated laundry machines and drink machines. Street markets and parks nearby offer recreation for residents.

5. Over 1,000 fully equipped lecture rooms

          Thammasat University Rangsit Campus has a 3,000-seat lecture hall and over 1,000 classrooms of various sizes. Every room is fully equipped. First-year students usually study alongside new friends from all faculties in foundation courses such as TU100 Civic Education and TU120 Integrated Social Sciences. These courses are conducted in Social Complex Building or “SC Building”, which also houses shops, 7-Eleven, computer rooms with hundreds of computers and free printing service, photo-copying service, and first-aid room.

         The SC Building houses many social science faculties such as the Faculties of Law, Political Science, Commerce and Accountancy, Social Administration, Journalism and Mass Communication, Fine and Applied Arts, and Economics.

         Another large and beautiful building is Lecture Classroom 4 (LC 4), which has a capacity for thousands of students. TU 130 Interdisciplinary Science and Technology is lectured here. The area is a hub for Thammasat’s science faculties.

         Another well-planed complex is the Health Sciences Complex where the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing, for instance, are housed. It is situated near Thammasat Hospital to facilitate internships and the working-life in health sciences.

6. Thammasat Sports Stadiums

          The Sports Stadium comprises of an ASEAN-Games standard football stadium (Thammasat Rangsit Stadium) with full capacity for sports competition (football, athletics and outdoor sports) and 9-lane resin running tracks, high-standard lighting system, and a 25,000-seat amphitheatre audience stand. It is a venue for professional football matches which TU students can watch for free. An aerobics class is held daily in the King of Naga Courtyard in front of the stadium.

            Mini-stadium (ASEAN Games Dormitory Stadium), an international-standard outdoor stadium with 8-lane resin running tracks for football, athletics and outdoor sports competition is also convenient, with its 1,500 seat audience stand. Every evening the ASEAN Games Dormitory Stadium is full of students, exercising, playing football, practising cheer-leading and doing other recreational activities.

            Gymnasium 4 Building, a large air-conditioned gymnasium on the area of 2,000 m2, houses 10 badminton courts and a 3,000-seat audience stand. Gymnasium 5 Building on the area of 2,000 m2 can be converted into 2 volleyball courts or 10 table tennis courts with a 3,000-seat audience stand. Gymnasium 6 Building on the area of 1,400 m2 can be converted into a football pit or sepak takraw courts, with a 4,000-seat audience stand. Gymnasium 7 Building on the area of 2,200 m2 can be used for many sports practices and competitions simultaneously, such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, and in-door football, with a 500-1,000-seat stand. Around Gymnasium 7 there are also petanque pits and a large boxing ring.

          TU@Fitness, a high-standard Fit Firm Fun Fitness, equipped with tread mills, sit-up machines, recumbent cycling machines, home gym, Barbell for toning particular muscles, and yoga classes. This large and convenient fitness center is situated in the swimming pool building.

          TUSPORTS tennis court has 9 hard courts. It can be used in the daytime and night time. There is a special area for knock board practice. The center court can accommodate 500 spectators on the stand.

          TUSPORTS AQUTIC can support all water sport activities with Olympic-sized swimming pools with a temperature control system. There is a large scoreboard and a timing system. It is used for swimming competitions, water polo and synchronized swimming. The stand has a capacity for 4,600 spectators.

          Rock climbing, with the highest cliff model in Thailand, is opened Monday-Friday, 16.00-20.30. The fee, which includes all equipment: shoes, harness and ropes, is 20 baht a day for Thammasat students; and 100 baht a day for the general public. (for unlimited use per day)

          All of these offer you a perfect comprehensive sports complex, which is the best in Thailand with its ASEAN-Games standard facilities for public and private organizations and the general public.

7. National Convention Center

          First, Thammasat Convention Park (TUC park) or Thammasat Rangsit Convention Center is situated on the area of 120 rais on the edge of Thammasat University Rangsit on the Phaholyothin Road. Its green environment under the concept of “Convention Park” can accommodate various functions, such as receptions, concerts, wedding receptions, seminars, exhibitions, or sports competitions. Today TUC Park can function as a test center for all.

            In front of the convention center, there is a large message board featuring “Thammasat for People”, which new graduates like to use for backdrops for their photos, also a new photo landmark which is a must for visitors to TU Rangsit.

            Second, TU Park in a beautiful landscape on 20 rais is an outdoor arena for all types of events: social gatherings, outdoor exhibitions, sports competitions, walk rallies, weddings, concerts and product launches. The building complex by the lake with connecting footpaths can support leading food and product festivals.

            Third, Gymnasium 2 Building is currently under refurbishment after being used as a shelter for those affected by the flood disaster in 2011. In the future, it will be transformed into a convention hall which can accommodate a full-size orchestra and a large theatre for periodic performances by TU Rangsit students.


          JC Cinema is a modern cinema equipped with a projector and sound system. The venue can be used for training and seminar, and a shooting location for films and commercial ads. JC Cinema is a learning center where the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication organizes periodic screenings.

9. Ditthi Satsada Buddha Hall

          This building complex was built to commemorate Thammasat 50th anniversary in 1984. Later in 1999 the University deemed appropriate to construct a temple and a multi-purpose building in the same area. Nowadays, it is opened to Thammasat students and staff and people in the nearby communities to take part in religious activities such as merit making, praying, meditating and playing homage Buddha images on Buddhist holy days; and in candlelight processions on important religious days.

10. Shopping Malls under the University’s Supervision

          First, in TU Dome there is a food center consisting of leading restaurants such as MK, YAYOI, KFC, S&P and AMAZON; stores such as Watson and 7-Eleven, internet café, bookstores, fashion shops, mobile phone shop and repair counter, hair dresser, laundry shop and post office.

            Second, Inter Zone Building houses a 320-seat theatre, training and seminar rooms with the capacity for 60-120 people, reception venue in the Inter Zone Gymnasium Building with the capacity for 3,000 people, and a multi-purpose courtyard for outdoor activities. In the evening on Mondays and Thursdays, 16:00-21:30, there is an Inter Zone street market where residents can buy food and various products. 

            Tops Daily Mini Supermarket, Thammasat University Rangsit branch, answers all needs for students, staff and the general public. It is on Yoongthong Road in the University and is opened every day, from 06.00 to 24.00.

            The Inter Zone Building is surrounded by shops and service centers such as Bangkok Bank, Krung Thai Bank, cash machines, restaurants, hairdressers, Thai traditional massage spa, bookstores, book rental store, TOT, camera shop, photo-copying shops, optician, computer store, 7–Eleven, and an Olympic sized swimming pool which is opened from 06.30 to 21.30.

11. Canteens

          In Thammasat University Rangsit Campus there are many canteens: Green Canteen near LC. 1, SC Canteens (in the old and new buildings), Faculty of Science Canteen, Faculty of Engineering Canteen, Tewson Canteen, Health Science Complex Canteen, TU Hospital Canteen, Faculty of Architecture Canteen, small canteens in the buildings of Faculties of Commerce and Accountancy, Political Science, Social Administration and Law, for instance. The food is clean, reasonable-priced and of good quality.

12. Thammasat Rice Field


          Thammasat University is the first and only university which grows rice used in the welcome party for new students. Thammasat University Rangsit Campus rice field hosts 2 events annually: rice planting and harvesting. The harvested rice will be processed and offered to new students every year on their orientation day.

13. Large Public Parks

          First, Star-Gazing Bridge opposite the Faculty of Medicine Building is a venue for various activities such as “Loy Krathong Festival” for the communities around Thammasat Rangsit. There are stalls and a beauty pageant contest; “Cool Season Songs Concert” organized annually by the Faculty of Medicine; and there are performances of various types of music: pop, rock, reggae, world music and folk songs.

            Second, 80-year Thammasat Park has its sculpture courtyard as a highlight. It also has footpaths for exercise and relaxation. The remarkable feature of this park is that all electricity is generated from the solar cells fitted on the roof of pavilion in the park.

            Third, Japanese Tea Hut and a large garden nestled in the Institute of East Asian Studies. It is decorated in Japanese style and used for “Japanese tea ceremony” demonstration. Nowadays it is opened to other organizations for meetings, trainings, seminars and accommodation. The interior design is utility-based and it has audio-visual equipment and internet connection. 

14. Thammasat Chalermprakiet Hospital

          Thammasat Chalermprakiet Hospital has the capacity for all medical services. It treats an average of 2,000-3,000 out-patients a day and has 601 to accommodate in-patients. It plans to increase the capacity to 750 beds in the future. The hospital also offers medical treatments and services to a number of impoverished patients every year. Moreover, there is a “Thammasat Lesik Center” which is reputed as a leading eye care center in Thailand.

15. Large Learning Center and Students’ Activities Building

          First, Krom Luang Naradhiwas Rajanagarinda Learning Center, Thammasat University’s one-stop service center where students can seek guidance from our advisers on scholarships and other problems. The building houses all activities in the university: volunteer office, accommodation office, tutorial rooms, activity courtyard, exhibition zone and thousands of reading spaces.

          Second, Students’ Activity Building houses the offices of Thammasat Student Union, Student Council, TU Volunteer Center, students’ independent clubs, societies and activity groups. There are also common areas such as a multi-purpose courtyard which has a capacity for over 1,000 people, an 80-seat auditorium for meetings, seminars and talks with a video conference system connecting the three campuses of Thammasat, a courtyard for dance rehearsals, a music rehearsal room, a 60-seat small meeting room, and a library.

16. Over 150 Clubs and Societies

          Thammasat University promotes students’ activities to enrich their lives other than 4 years of sitting in classrooms by taking part in activities for the people and learning about life. There are over 150 clubs and societies such as TU Chorus, Recreational Creative Association, TU Folksong Club, Khon Thammasat Society, Cheer and Card Stunt Club, Thai music club, TU Symphony Orchestra, TU Band, and speech and debate club. Students can choose to take part in these clubs and societies in the first semester of each academic year.

17. Fast and Convenient Mass Transport System

          Students can take vans straight to Thammasat Rangsit from 3 stops: Morchit stop (Chatuchak MRT, exit 4), Victory Monument stops (under BTS bridge near a Vietnamese noodles shop and opposite Rajavithi Hospital), and TU Tha Prachan stop (at a coffee shop by Sanam Luang Gate); and the following buses: 29 Rangsit-Hua Lumphong (with TU Rangsit sign in front of the bus), 39 TU Rangsit-Victory Monument, 510 Rangsit-Victory Monument (with Talad Thai sign in front of the bus).

            Within the University there are many types of transports such as free NGV shuttle bus with stops all around the University and songthaew which costs 4 baht per trip.