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Thammasat University is a leading Asian academic institution of world-class standard in producing graduates, creating bodies of knowledge, and addressing the country’s issues with commitment to virtues and the public interests

Fees and Scholarships

Thammasat university offers various financial aids in forms of scholarships and benefits

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Academic Calendar
First Semester:
Second Semester:
Academic Calendars for each course may vary.

Life on Campus

Health Services and Accident Insurance

Students are entitled to medical treatments, consultancy on physical and mental health issues, can check the status of their health insurance cards and seek advice on accident insurance.

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Office of International Affairs

principally provides services and gives support to foreign students studying at Thammasat University and help Thai students who wish to participate in student exchange programs with correspondent universities abroad.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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Can a proxy contact the University on my behalf, for instance in requesting important documents?

Yes. Please bring a proxy form, a certified copy of the student’s identity card, and a certified copy of the proxy’s identity card.

How do I transfer credits?

Each faculty has different requirements. Please refer to www.reg.tu.ac.th >> Online Student Handbook >> Regulations on Faculty Transfer and Credit Transfer (for Undergraduates) >> Regulations on Credit Transfer

What is the minimum/maximum number of credits I can enrol?

-Semester 1 or 2: Minimum 9 credits, except in the case of illness which requires the Dean’s approval, or in the last semester of study only. Maximum 22 credits, except for 4th year students with approval from the Rector

-Summer Semester: Maximum 6 credits. Students may enrol more than 6 credits but no more than 9 credits, in the case that it is their last semester of study, and with the Rector’s approval.

When can I register as a graduand?

Students who have given notification may check the Graduand List about 1 month after having obtained test results for all subject at www.reg.tu.ac.th >> Graduands >> Graduand List or by logging in to see the Graduand Registration Menu.