Learning Facilities


Information resource center to support learning and research around the clock with modern innovation and various forms of media, complete with comprehensive facilities to serve students, lecturers, university personnel and general public.ลทั่วไป

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Online Learning

Online database on learning media for students and general public, with contents from original course lecturers. It is reliable and beneficial to distance-learners on the internet.

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Students’ Services


The University offers various types of financial supports for students in need: scholarships from Thammasat and external organizations, and students welfare grants.

IT Services

Office of Information and Communication Technology oversees the information system and supports other affairs within the University to facilitate students’, faculties’ and personnel’s IT usage.



Job Vacancies

Information on job vacancies in the public and private sectors from Student Union in collaboration with Student Advice Office and Office of the Registrar for Education and Development

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English for Careers

Online English program by the Language Institute, Thammasat University, whose objective is to develop students’ abilities in English listening, speaking, reading and writing in various business contexts.

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