Information for Staff

Learning and Support

New Staff Handbook

Regulations on hiring and appointment, employment contracts, and work evaluation for academic and academic support personnel

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Thammasat University’s Intranet is designed to support various operations such as knowledge management center, application center, paperless meetings, and information for management.

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Human Resource Services


Welfare and benefits for Thammasat University staff and their families, such as medical treatments, children’s tuition fees, and housing benefits.

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Accommodation – Dormitories

Staff dormitories under the management of Property and Sports Management Office with shops and facilities for residents to improve their life quality.

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Co-Op Bank

Thammasat University Co-Operative Bank is a financial institution which offers saving and loan facilities for members who wish to own a home and support their children’s education.

Health Insurance

Life and health insurance for university staff and their families

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Rules – Regulations

Regulations on university staff management with personnel code

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University Council

The University Council is established to facilitate efficient operations.

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Directory of personnel and offices in Thammasat University, alphabetized or categorized to facilitate searching.

Job Vacancies

Follow job vacancies news in Thammasat University from Human Resource Division.

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Study leave and scholarships

Further Studies, Thammasat University offer scholarships for its personnel to pursue further studies in the country and abroad in order to gain knowledge, competence and experience, which lead to organization development and more work productivity.

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Legal database

The university has the policy to explore and gather the regulation of the university that is relevant to the work of various agencies to create a database.

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Funds for Thammasat Staff

Government Pension Fund

Pension Fund for civil servants in Thammasat University for benefits and compensation after resignation or retirement.

Social Security

Entitlement and benefits for Thammasat staff in case of illness, incapacity, death, child birth, retirement or unemployment

Provident Funds

Welfare for all Thammasat personnel