Thammasat Debate Team Awarded the Championship in “Udom Debate”, the 26th Freshy Debate for Higher Education Institutes

Congratulations to the Thammasat debate team in winning the royal trophy in the 26th Freshy Debate for Higher Education Institutes.

Monday 4 March 2024

     “Thammasat Debate Team” has been awarded the Royal Trophy, the first-place award, by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn for the academic year 2023 in the 26th Freshy Debate for Higher Education Institutes by the Higher Education Rhetoric Group (Udom Vatasil) at Thammasat University, Rangsit Center.

Students participated are:

     1. Natchalida Nakngam, 4th year, Faculty of Liberal Arts
     2. Sueksa Sahunalu, 4th year, Faculty of Liberal Arts
     3. Nanthasawat Wongrianniyom, 4th year, Faculty of Law
     4. Thanaporn Kamnerdkarn, 3rd year, Faculty of Pharmacy
     5. Pinpak Jotikabukkhana, 2nd year, Faculty of Political Science
     6. Nannapat Phongwitoon, 2nd year, Faculty of Liberal Arts
     7. Napat Kongmuang, 2nd year, Faculty of Science and Technology
     8. Kantha Duang-in, 2nd year, Thammasat Business School

     Sueksa Sahunalu, a 4th year student of the Faculty of Liberal Arts, one of the debate team members awarded as an ‘Outstanding Debater’, shares thoughts and experiences gained from participating in this competition.

As a winner

     We felt immense joy because ‘Udom Debate’ is a dream for many debaters, and it is also a stage with a memorable history. We, as debaters, hope to be on this stage at least once in our lifetime. Initially, we thought there would be no chance after being separated for years during the COVID. Some of us are in our last year of study. However, in the end, the Udom Debate Group managed to organize and succeed.

     We are also proud of ourselves, our teammates, and everyone behind the scenes who helped make the team successful. Because we are the ‘Thammasat University Debate Team,’ the success that occurred did not solely result from the four of us standing on stage. Instead, it is a success that, if any one of us were missing, we might not have achieved our goal.

What is the technique for winning the championship?

     Before the competition, we would spend our weeks preparing. We had to practice speaking and gather information to compete every Saturday. The competition period was a time when we had to devote ourselves to it fully, feeling like we spent a lot of energy. The competition spanned over several months, and when combined with practice time, it was quite a long period of working together.

     The technique that led us to victory, I believe, is teamwork. As mentioned, our victory didn't come solely from the four debaters. Before we could present our stance, it required going through various team processes and stages. Everyone had equal responsibilities, and ultimately, the success belonged to the team as a whole.

What is the key to debating?

     I believe the key to debating lies in rational thinking and listening attentively. In each debate, we must begin by considering what questions our opponents are posing and how we can respond. This involves planning how to present our arguments logically, supported by evidence, and persuading the audience that what we are saying is 'the truth' through our presentation of all the points. Subsequently, we must also be good listeners.

     Therefore, the art of debating helps us in learning and navigating life. It prompts us to think before acting and to choose our words carefully during classroom presentations or reports preparations that require critical thinking and conveying content. Additionally, it also enhances public speaking skills. We become more confident in expressing our thoughts, unafraid of being judged or criticized. Wherever we go, we're assuredly not afraid to speak up, I guarantee you there won't be any ‘dead air’.