Thammasat and Pathum Thani Team Up for “Color of Pathum”

Thammasat participates in organizing an art event in Pathum Thani province, under the concept of "Color of Pathum." The event aims to highlight the distinctive aspects of Pathum Thani.

Monday 18 March 2024

     Thammasat University and Pathum Thani, together with universities, schools, and communities in the province, are organizing the event “Art Identity in Pathum Thani” under the concept of Color of Pathum, the vibrant atmosphere of Pathum Thani, at 100-Year Puey Learning Park (Puey Park for the People), Thammasat University, Rangsit Center. The event aims to present the uniqueness of natural resources and cultural heritage in Pathum Thani.    

     During the event, here was a video presentation that exhibited the beauty of the province, filled with rich cultural heritage and valuable wisdom arising from the diversity of people from different races, religions, and cultures. The performance by the talented art performers of Thammasat University has combined gracefulness and strength, portraying the vibrant colors of the lotus flower and the rice fields, which are prominent symbols of Pathum Thani. The TU Symphony Orchestra also performed musical pieces such as Beauty and the Beat, Buppesannivas, and Hello Stranger.   

     Moreover, there was a performance of Khon (Thai masked dance) from the episode “The Floating Lady” by TU Thai Dance Club of Thammasat University. The performance - one of the delicate high-level performances, incorporating various art forms together - is followed by a cultural performance from Pathum Thani, the "Go-Hub Lai Liew", which draws inspiration from the famous Rangsit-style boat noodles by the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts of Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, along with the presentation of costumes and fashion products in the fashion show from the designs created by students from the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts of Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, under the concept of "Pathum's Innovation". This showcases the various traditional costumes of Pathum, including Mon, silk, lotus print, lotus-dyed, and leaf-dyed.

     There was a fashion show presenting Pha Khao Ma (multi-purpose loincloth) designs, a part of the Social Service Community Project, which is the course in Textile and Fashion Design, the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Thammasat University. The exhibition showcased the textile products made from lotus fibers under the brand name WORLACHA by the Development of Lotus Fibers and Textile Products Learning Center, Pathum Thani Province. The exhibition also featured woven banana fabrics under the brand name Pimtawan by the Saengtawan Community Enterprise based on agricultural product processing, Pathum Thani.

     The event concluded in the concert hall with a fashion show presenting the digital fabric design works of “Art Identity in Pathum Thani,” designed by Asst. Prof. Sanpoj Mapobsuk and Mr. Techatat Luangpithak from Textile and Fashion Design, the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Thammasat University.

     There was also an exhibition showcasing textile products made from banana fiber and lotus fiber, as well as the sale of OTOP products and local products from Pathum Thani, music performances by the folk song music band from Pathumwilai School, TU Band, TU Folksong, and a mini concert by Mr. Atom Chanakan. The performances took place on the stage by the riverside at the Puey Park area.

     “Art Identity in Pathum Thani” serves as a starting point for promoting collaboration among various sectors in order to collectively present the identity and uniqueness of Pathum Thani province in various formats. This includes the continuation of local wisdom, resulting in the creation of jobs, the development of professions, and the enhancement of the potential of Pathum Thani's local textiles on the global stage.