‘Thammasat – KU Leuven – WHO Summer School 2023’ project, collaboratively building a sustainable medical system foundation

Thammasat University, KU Leuven University, in collaboration with WHO and its network partners organized the International Multidisciplinary Summer School 2023 project.

Friday 21 July 2023

     Thammasat University by the Faculty of Architecture and Planning and the University of KU Leuven by the Faculty of Architecture in collaboration with World Health Organization by WHO Technique and regional networks organized the "Thammasat - KU Leuven - WHO Summer School 2023" (International Multidisciplinary Summer School 2023) project, which is held for the two consecutive years with the aim to study the design and management of the built environment and well-being, as well as creating knowledge and understanding to disseminate to society.

     The “Thammasat – KU Leuven – WHO Summer School 2023” project is in line with WHO Téchne's long-term goal of building national and international capacity through community-based multidisciplinary work which will help create safety, good health and a sustainable healthcare system by gathering groups of students and professors from various fields of universities in Southeast Asia to exchange knowledge and study local healthcare case studies and facilities. The results obtained will benefit the World Health Organization in developing guidelines for environmentally sustainable primary health care both locally and globally.

     The project focuses on developing innovative proposals that connect engineering preparedness and response, healthcare system, and environmental control for primary care facilities in the event of suburban and rural flooding through designing a primary care facility in order to respond to the needs of the community of service users. It is the foundation of the healthcare system as it is one of the fundamental human rights by providing emergency medical services and drugs which should be prepared to provide basic medical services in case of natural disasters.