Thammasat Students Win ‘World Champion’ on Business Plans and Strategy Competition 2024

Students from Thammasat Business School win the world championship at the Sauder Summit Global Case Competition 2024.

Tuesday 23 April 2024

     The championship or ‘World Champion’ title, along with another '2 major awards', from Sauder Summit Global Case Competition 2024, held at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, Canada, is the proudest achievement of Thailand as the team from Business School of Thammasat University has performed their utmost capability.

     In the realm of educational institutions regarding Business School, it is well known that the Sauder Summit Global Case Competition is considered a prestigious arena and a platform for showcasing the potential of students, educational institutions, and countries.

     In the recent competition, the '4 students' representing Thailand from the Thammasat Business School, namely Manassaya Ploynumpol, Suchada Charoengkittitum, Bunburit Kittirattanakhun, and Sansnae Muneeganont, fourth-year students of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program, have proudly announced Thailand's success by ranking first among 16 business university teams from around the world that were invited to compete.

     Moreover, the Thammasat students team also won the People's Choice Award from the voting results, which was the consensus of the participants in the competition, and Dr. Worapong Janyangyuen, the academic and student affairs advisor of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) international program, was able to successfully win the Best Faculty Advisor award.

     For the Sauder Summit Global Case Competition, it is a business strategy competition that lasts for 5 days. Each team is given various industry challenges to plan, including increasing revenue, reducing costs, and expanding the business. The judges are high-level executives from leading organizations in that industry. In 2024, there were 16 participating top universities, such as Copenhagen Business School, CUHK Business School, University of Glasgow, Adam Smith Business School, etc.

     The competition is divided into 4 groups, with 3 rounds each. The first and second rounds are a duration of 5 hours each. Competitors receive approximately 20 pages of paper as data. During the competition, the internet cannot be used. Once the time is up, the committee will rank the teams based on their scores, from highest to lowest. The ranking has an impact on the final round of the competition.

     There is a total of 24 hours in the final round and the internet is allowed. This round is similar to the first two rounds but will increase the intensity of the details to be presented. The competition is divided into 2 sub-rounds to find the winning team to compete.