Thammasat's a healthy university for all.

Thammasat University developed an area of 119 acre into a central area for comprehensive healthcare and sports.

Monday 27 February 2023

     The importance of exercise and sports areas led to the development of an area of ​​119 acre of Thammasat University under the supervision of Property and Sport Management Office, Thammasat University to further develop ‘Sport Community’, one of the central areas for one-stop healthcare and sports in Thailand.

     The idea of a “healthy university for all” and being a “second home for students contributing to healthcare” is therefore the starting point for the development of sports facilities and recreational areas in the campus using the Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus’ “existing capital base" which have world-class sports stadium used for international sports events such as the 13th Asian Games, and the 7th Fespic Games.

     Particularly the main stadium, with a capacity of 20,000 seats which serves as a large international standard outdoor arena containing 9 synthetic rubber treadmills for football games, athletics and other outdoor sports.

     “The stadiums in Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus had its original cost from the Asian Games which is the largest sporting event in Asia. We therefore have stadiums for almost all types of sports, including football, basketball, athletics, shooting, archery, etc. There is an indoor stadium, 20 badminton courts, Olympic-size swimming pool which has been maintaining, improving and using all the time to be consistent with the current context and in good condition, such as adjusting entrance and exit to suit the lifestyle of users, there are special activities that encourage sports playing both in the forms of competitions, workshops, skills teaching, and teaching sports to students and the general public. Overall, we aim for users to see that the stadium is active all the time and in all dimensions.

     According to the year 2021-2022 statistical collection of the Property and Sports Management Office, Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus, it was found that currently, there are approximately 200,000 users visiting the stadium per year, of which 75% are students and personnel, and the other 25% are daily guests.

     In addition, there are courses offered such as individual sports like swimming, tennis, taekwondo, squat, archery, shooting, etc., which are open for the general public to learn, enhance skills and use the service as well.

     With the goal in achieving “health of all”, the Property and Sports Management Office Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus therefore gives its importance to the design of a space for health that also adapts to the needs of users and according as well to popular trends.

     For example, there are bike lanes around the university with a total length of 15 kilometers connecting dormitories, sports fields, hospitals, shops which is in line with the context of environmental protection, energy minimization, and greenhouse gas reduction requirements.

     Having “Extreme Plaza”, the largest international standard extreme sports stadium. It is an outdoor playground for extreme sports whether it is skateboarding, rollerblading, BMX, a 15-meter cliff which is the second highest in the country in line with the lifestyle of the new generation that favors extreme sports.

     "Healthy university for all " and stepping towards a Sport Community responds to the ever-growing health trend. It is considered a social service to foster good quality of life in all dimensions or both physically, mentally, intellectually and socially.