Thammasat researchers received awards from the "Thailand Inventors' Day 2023"

Thammasat researchers received a total of 14 National Research Awards at the Thailand Inventors’ Day 2023.

Thursday 19 February 2023

     Faculty members and researchers from Thammasat University received a total of 14 national research awards at the "Thailand Inventors' Day 2023" event organized by the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT), Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (MHESI) on February 4, 2023 at the BITEC Exhibition and Convention Center, Bangna.

     This year, Thammasat University researchers received 14 National Research Award for the Fiscal Year 2023, as follows:

One National Distinguished Researcher Award:

     1. Professor Dr. Sagun Boon-it, Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy (Economics)

Seven Research Awards, including,

Seven Outstanding Research Awards

     1. Research Title: “Increasing the Proliferation and Osteogenic Potentials of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Isolated from Human Placental Tissue by Andrographolide”

   by 1. Assistant Professor Dr. Duangrat Tantikalayaporn

        2. Professor Dr. Pakpoom Khieawlamai, M.D.

        3. Professor Dr. Sirikul Manochan

        4. Associate Professor Dr. Chairat Tantrawatphan

        5. Naruepongse Phunikom, and members from the Faculty of Medicine

     2. Research Title: “The Trial of the Cases of the Constitutional Court under the Provisions of Section 144 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand, B.E. 2560” 

   by 1. Associate Professor Dr. Supreeya Kaewla-iad

        2. Lecturer Dr. Natthika Sripongkul, and members from the Faculty of Law

     3. Research Title: “Defeating Giants for Status: Social Stigmatization of Status Dissatisfaction with Russia-Japan 1904-1905 war case studies” 

   by Assistant Professor Dr. Peera Charoenwattananukul, Faculty of Political Science

     4. Research Title: "Technology Advancement, Imports and the Labor Market: A Case Study of Thailand” 

   by 1. Associate Professor Dr. Juthathip Chongvanich

        2. Associate Professor Dr. Archanan Kohpaiboon

        Faculty of Economics

     5. Research Title: “Analysis of Inequality in Thailand Using Satellite Data and Geo-Informatics” 

   by 1. Assistant Professor Dr. Nattapong Pattanapong

        2. Lecturer Phich Chongwatanakul and members from the Faculty of Economics

     6. Research Title: “Elevating the Safety of Foreign Tourists in the Use of Rental Motorcycles in Chiang Mai” 

   by  Associate Professor Dr. Pavinee Iamtrakul, Faculty of Architecture and Planning

     7. Research Title: “The project to Study the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic to the Thailand’s Economy and Tourism Sector” 

   by Assistant Professor Akaranai Kwanyoo, Faculty of Sociology and Anthropology (co-researcher)

Two Dissertation Awards including,

Two Distinguished Dissertation Awards

     1. Dissertation Title: “Dynamics of Helical Arc Plasma, Magnetic Fields and Currents” 

   by Dr. Pakorn Wongwaitayakonkul, Faculty of Science and Technology

        Education: California Institute of Technology, USA

        Principal Advisor: Professor Paul Bellan

Four Invention Awards including,

One Outstanding Invention Award

     1. Project Title: "Intelligent Agricultural Systems for Learning for All Ages and Sustainable Development of the Thai Agricultural Sector" 

   by Associate Professor Dr. Dusit Athinuwat and Romnalin Chantawong

        Faculty of Science and Technology

Three Honorable Mention Awards

     1. Project Title: “Automatic Sulfite Analyzer in Food” 

   by Associate Professor Dr. Napaporn Youngwises and members from the Faculty of Science and Technology

     2. Project Title: “An innovation to create a floating cultivation to permanently eliminate root and stem rot disease in durian” 

   by Associate Professor Dr. Woraphat Wachirayakorn and Piyaphong Sornkaew

        Faculty of Science and Technology

     3. Project Title: “FIBER FIT, Cloud-Recorded Physical Fitness Meter” 

   by Associate Professor Dr. Kessara Rakphongsiri and members from the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences