FAQ regarding TU Covid-19 Notifications

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01. The university is closed during 22 March- 12 April, but I haven’t taken necessary documents and stuff with me yet.

Ans: You’re allowed to come to the university during March 22-24 to bring your necessary stuff out in a swift fashion, while practicing public health discipline.

The university buildings will be completely closed from March 25. The entry into the university will also be limited.

02. Can I still work at my office or laboratory or at any corner in my office?

Ans: As the university is closed, please work from home for the sake of our society.

03. Will the university reopen (and staff resume their work at office) after April 12?

Ans: No clear answer at this point, depending on the situations which we will be monitoring closely.

04. According to Notification 8, who do have to come to work at office to prevent work disruption?

Ans: Those who are assigned by the Dean or other head of the unit, and those whose works are indispensable, namely safety and security, payroll (salary), procurement, and online supports for remote learning and meeting.

Please be emphatically aware that “we work at office only deemed necessary. In principle, we “work from home.”

05. Can I still get services from the university’s central administration like finance, research, academic affairs, and student affairs?

Ans: Only online services can be provided in this situation. Communication channels will be notified shortly.

06. If teaching online is not possible for some lecturer, what shall he/she do?

Ans: He/she can postpone the class until the situation is subsided.  Please submit grade  “I” (Incomplete) first.

07. Can students and staff live in the dorm?

Ans: Yes, but only convenience stores and pharmacy stores are opened.

08. Shall the students return home? If so, for how long?

Ans: Yes, because it is very likely that there will be no face-to-face class in classroom until August 2020.

 While traveling home, please wear mask, use hand gel, and strictly practice in accordance with public health procedures, for yourself and the society.

09. How can the students without the internet access at home receive the online learning?

Ans: There is a good news. The university will give an unlimited “Education Sim” for free to all students by the end of this month. Please  wait for an announcement.

10. Will there be classes during Songkran?

Ans: As the Thai government has announced that there would be no holidays during Songkran this year, all online classes will be conducted.

11. Will students have to come back to campus for exams?

Ans: No. Exams (if lecturers decide to do so) will be online only.

12. Will the exams be conducted during the preset final exam period?

Ans: Yes, except for other forms of exam like online presentation.

13. Will there be a summer internship course offered?

Ans: Chairperson of the curriculum can consider openning a summer internship using ones of the following patterns: (a) Online project-based or research-based assignment (2) Internship online or very safe workplace because the safety of our students is the most important concern for the university.

14. Will there be summer courses?

Ans: Summer courses are possible, but online only.

15. For graduate students who have to use laboratory, what should they do?

Ans: Please come to clear up your laboratory during March 22-24. You cannot work there until April 12. Please follow the university’s notifications and instructions after that.

16. How will the TCAS Admission be affected?

Ans: TCAS will remain on schedule. The university will coordinate with the Council of  the University Presidents, Thailand (CUPT) to minimize any effect as much as possible.

17. What’s about gradate admissions?

Ans: Only online methods are allowed.

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